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pimatic-yoctopuce by Reski Rukmantiyo, Indonesia (funky81) | github | npm


Pimatic Plugin for Yoctopuce MaxiPowerRelay (


You can load the plugin by editing your config.json to include the following in the plugins section. The property interval specifies the time interval in seconds for polling the state information of the Smart Plugs.

   "plugin": "interval"
   "YoctoHub" : "http://localhost:4444/"

Then you need to add a Yoctopuce MaxiPowerRelay device in the devices section. Similiar like other device in Pimatic, you have to describe for below properties

  "id": "YoctoPowerRelay-Lampu_depan",
  "class": "YoctoMainRelay",
  "name": "Lampu Depan",

Note that :

ID should mention `YoctopowerRelay-` prefix while the rest of the ID will be your logical name in Yoctopuce MaxiPowerRelay.
Name will be your label name in your Pimatic device

Plugin Config Options

Yoctopuce PowerMaxiRelay options
Url Address for YoctoHub

Device Config Options

Yocto Main Relay


Plugin Properties
pimatic-yoctopuce is written by Reski Rukmantiyo, Indonesia (funky81)