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pimatic-serial-ivisions by Rogier van Staveren | github | npm


Pimatic Plugin that supports sending commands to iVisisons projector screens and projector lifts over the RS485 interface. I use a cheap USB RS485 controler from eBay to talk to the projector screen.

The iVisions projector screen seems to be a rebranded screen as I found it only to be available in the webshop where I bought is. Some Googling around proved me right, as the protocol is used in more devices.

This are the protocol details: 2400 baud 8N1 up command : 0xFF 0xAA 0xEE 0xEE 0xDD down command: 0xFF 0xAA 0xEE 0xEE 0xEE stop command: 0xFF 0xAA 0xEE 0xEE 0xCC

Known to work: iVisions Electro M Series

Not tested but use te same protcol according to the documentation: iVisions Electro L/XL/Pro/HD Series iVisions PL Series beamer lift Elite Screens XY Screens

Please let me know if your projector screen is also supported by this plugin so I can improve the overview of supportd devices.


If you don't have the serial plugin add it to the plugin section:

      "plugin": "serial",
      active": true

Then add the serial-ivisions plugin to the plugin section:

      "plugin": "serial-ivisions",
      active": true

Then add the device entry for your device into the devices section:

      "id": "serial-ivisions-screen",
      "class": "SerialIVisionsController",
      "name": "Projector Screen",
      "serialport": "/dev/ttyUSB0"

Then you can add the items into the mobile frontend


Plugin Config Options


Device Config Options

pimatic-serial-ivisions device config schemas


iVisions Shutter Controler config options
Serialport name (e.g. /dev/ttyUSB0)
pimatic-serial-ivisions is written by Rogier van Staveren