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pimatic-serial-benqbeamer by Rogier van Staveren | github | npm


Pimatic Plugin that supports sending commands to BenQ Beamers over the serial port.

BenQ beamers and flat pannels with a serial port can support one of three protocols. This plugin supports beamers which are of the P series but probalby also others.

This are the protocol details: 2400 baud 8N1


Where is a Cariage Return

Examples: Power on : pow=on# Power off : pow=off# Source HDMI: *sour=hdmi#

This plugin already handles the Cariage Return, pre and postfix of the commands, so they should not be included when sending a command using a rule.

Commands can be send to the device from Pimatic rules, like:

when <something>
then send command "<command>" to <device>

Known to work: W1110

Not tested but use te same protocol according to the documentation: Others in the P Series

Not supported: RP552 RP552H RP840G RP653 RP703 RP750 RP750K RP652 RP702 RP790S RP705H

Please let me know if your beamer is also supported by this plugin so I can improve the overview of supportd devices.


If you don't have the serial plugin add it to the plugin section:

      "plugin": "serial",
      active": true

Then add the plugin to the plugin section:

      "plugin": "serial-benqbeamer"

Then add the device entry for your device into the devices section:

      "id": "benq-beamer",
      "class": "SerialBenQBeamerControler",
      "name": "BenQ Beamer",
      "serialport": "/dev/ttyUSB0"

Then you can add the items into the mobile frontend


Plugin Config Options

BenQ Beamer
Debug mode. Writes debug messages to the pimatic log, if set to true.
pimatic-serial-benqbeamer is written by Rogier van Staveren