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pimatic-samsung-tv-2016 by ap | github | npm


Pimatic plugin for 2016 Samsung TVs

Plugin Config

There is only one plugin option, and that is app_name, which will be the name used to register the plugin with the TV. The default is fine, but may be changed to suit.


The plugin provides a single device: SamsungTV_2016

The device is an extension of the SwitchActuator, and can be used to turnOn and turnOff the TV, through both the mobile-front-end and rules.

While it may be possible to send additional keys beyond KEY_POWER, I have not tried others. I’m happy to help anyone having issues with this version of the plugin, however, I have not interest in expanding it’s capabilities. I created this for the sole purpose of turning on and off my TV via pimatic.

To wit, I have a KS8000, and can confirm it works perfectly to do just that. In fact, imho, I believe it actually performs better than both the SmartThings SamsungTV device and the Samsung Phone Connect feature.

Device Config

You only need to provide a value for the option ip_address (While I understand the ip address may be auto-discovered, this is was much easier.)

There is one other configurable option: update_interval. This is the interval at which the TV will be polled to find it state. The default value is 15 seconds. Unless there is an extraordinary need for less frequent polling, the default value will suffice.

The mac_address option can be safely (and is highly encouraged) to be ignored. The device itself will obtain it.


Special thank you to kyleaa for doing all the real work with homebridge-samsungtv2016, from which this plugin was shamelessly borne.

Plugin Config Options

Device Config Options

pimatic-samsung-tv-2016 is written by ap