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pimatic-mobile-frontend by Oliver Schneider (sweetpi) | github | npm

pimatic mobile-frontend plugin

Provides a jQuery mobile page, witch let you control your actuators, display sensor values and let you add and edit rules.

Example configuration

  "plugin": "mobile-frontend",
  "customTitle": "Pimatic", 
  "theme": "water",
  "flat": true,
  "debug": false,
  "mode": "production"

Mobile frontend development

For performance reasons the "production" mode uses minified and pre-compiled code. If you need to debug the mobile frontend code, e.g., as you are developing an mobile frontend extension, set the mode as part of the plugin configuration to "development". Then clear all browser caches and delete all app settings. Best is to use an incognito tab for testing.

Plugin Config Options

pimatic-mobile-frontend is written by Oliver Schneider (sweetpi)