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pimatic-lirc by Anton Delitsch (tester22) | github | npm


This is a plugin to send and receive IR commands using the LIRC utiltiy. The plugin needs a working installation of lirc before it can be used raspberry pi guide.

Configuration Plugin

You can load the plugin by editing your config.json to include:

  "plugin": "lirc"


if state of sonos-connect is equal to "play" then set lirc remote: AMP command: KEY_POWER

Receiving IR commands

If you want to be able to receive IR commands in Pimatic create an device like this:

  "id": "lirc",
  "class": "LircReceiver",
  "name": "Lirc"


if remote of lirc is equal to "samsung" and command of lirc is equal to "KEY_TV2" send prowl message:"TV2 on Samsung TV"

Plugin Config Options

lirc options

Device Config Options

LircReceiver device config schema


LircReceiver config options
pimatic-lirc is written by Anton Delitsch (tester22)