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pimatic-emon by Diederich Kroeske (dkroeske) | github | npm

pimatic emon plugin

Reading the diy Energy Monitoring service called emon and showing values in pimatic. emon is a cheap diy '555 timer chip based circuit' taped to the flashing light of your energy meter (electricity and/or gas), a little bit of Python and a node.js RESTful service. More on emon can be found here

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Make sure the files are installed in the node_modules/pimatic-emon folder

Add the plugin to the plugin section of your config.json:

  "plugin": "emon"

Add a device to the devices section:

  "id": "emon",
  "class": "EmonDevice",
  "name": "Electric Energy",
  "ip": "",
  "port": "12345",
  "username": "testuser",
  "password": "testpassword",
  "interval": 5000,
  "meterid": 27

ip = IP-address of the emon server (can be on the same Pi but can also be located elsewhere on the W3)

interval = time between readings in milliseconds

have fun!

  • 0.2.0 Initial release
  • 0.3.0 Added meter identifier (meter id), added '' to package.json

Plugin Config Options

Instantaneous Power Usage

Device Config Options

pimatic-emon is written by Diederich Kroeske (dkroeske)