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Access your Google Cast devices in pimatic


  • Discover Google Cast compatible devices in your network
  • Retrieve media status from Chromecast (playstate, volume, artist, title)
  • Control media (play, pause, stop, skip, previous)

Planned features

  • Control volume using rules
  • Cast video/audio using rules


This plugins uses multicast DNS service discovery using the mdns library, which has the following requirement: On Linux and other systems using the avahi daemon the avahi dns_sd compat library and its header files are required. On debianesque systems the package name is libavahi-compat-libdnssd-dev, on fedoraesque systems the package is avahi-compat-libdns_sd-devel. On other platforms Apple's mDNSResponder is recommended. Care should be taken not to install more than one mDNS stack on a system.

On Windows you are going to need Apples "Bonjour SDK for Windows". You can download it either from Apple (registration required) or various unofficial sources. Take your pick. After installing the SDK restart your computer and make sure the BONJOUR_SDK_HOME environment variable is set. You'll also need a compiler. Microsoft Visual Studio Express will do. On Windows node >=0.7.9 is required.

Plugin Config Options

Chromecast plugin options
Enable debugging output

Device Config Options

pimatic-chromecast device config schemas


Chromecast config options
The ip of the Chromecast device
pimatic-chromecast is written by FrostedKiwi (frostedkiwi)