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pimatic-bmp180 by int020h | github | npm


Add support for the BMP180 barometric pressure sensor to pimatic.

This plugin will show you the pressure (QNH) in hectopascal (HPa) and temperature (T) in degrees Celsius (°C).

Wiring schema

wiring schema

(Note: the wiring schema doesn't show properly on NPM; use the github link to see it)

This schema describes the GY-68 module featuring the BMP180 sensor. For other modules refer to the datasheets.

raspberry pi pin wire colour BMP180 sensor pin
1 (3V3)* red VIN
9 (GND) black GND
3 (SDA1 I2C) yellow SDA
5 (SCL1 I2C) blue SCL

*Note that the BMP180 sensor requires 3.3V and will fry at 5V!

Raspberry pi setup

The BMP180 sensor uses I2C for communication, so you'll have to enable this on your raspberry pi, using raspi-config:

sudo raspi-config

Select 9 Advanced Options and then A6 I2C to enable the ARM I2C interface and load any kernel module you need at boot.

Pimatic configuration

Add the following to your plugins section:

  "plugins": [
      "plugin": "bmp180"
    {... any other plugins you have configured ...}

And this to your devices section:

  "devices": [
      "id": "pressure-sensor",
      "name": "BMP180 sensor",
      "class": "BMP180Sensor",
      "device": "/dev/i2c-1",
      "address": "0x77",
      "interval": 60000
    {... any other devices you have configured ...}

Of course you may need to adjust the device, address and interval parameters. The interval parameter is the sensor poll interval in ms.

After configuration, restarting pimatic should install the plugin automatically from the NPM repository.

Plugin Config Options

pimatic-bmp180 config
debug mode

Device Config Options

pimatic-bmp180 config


BMP180Sensor config options
device file to use; default /dev/i2c-1
address to use; default 0x77
interval in ms
pimatic-bmp180 is written by int020h