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pimatic gpio plugin

Actuators and sensors for the raspberry pi gpio pins. This plugin uses the node.js module onoff.


You can load the plugin by editing your config.json to include:

   "plugin": "gpio"

in the plugins Array. Devices can be added bei adding them to the devices Array in the config file. Set the class attribute to GpioSwitch.

For device configuration options see the device-config-schema file.

GPIO Pin Numbering

Use the GPIO numbers from the RPi Low-level peripherals wiki page.

Device examples

GpioSwitch Device

  "id": "led-light",
  "class": "GpioSwitch", 
  "name": "led light",
  "gpio": 17 

GpioPresence Sensor

  "id": "presence-sensor",
  "class": "GpioPresence", 
  "name": "motion detector",
  "gpio": 18